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How to Save Web Pages to Read Offline on iPhone 5?

save web pages to read on iphone 5 offline

There are always some interesting web pages we want to read on iPhone 5. Of course, you can bookmark these pages to read them. But when you are offline, how can you read web pages on iPhone 5? Is there a useful tool to help us save website pages to read on iPhone no matter where and when? Here we introduce a wonderful application. It can save website pages to read later in a simple way.

Save Web Pages to Read on iPhone with Instapaper

What's Instapaper?

Instapper is a very simple, straightforward web service to save links and articles for offline viewing. So you can read later when you have spare time. It can save most web pages as text and you can read them offline whenever you want. With it, you can download your saved web pages onto iPhone and view them offline. Instapaper has both a free version and a premium version, priced $9.99. The free edition of Instapaper can save 10 articles to read offline. The paid version provides unlimited access and more features like tilt-scrolling, position-saving.

How to use Instapaper to save web pages on iPhone 5?

Just install the Instapaper app and download your unread articles when you have Wi-Fi or 3G coverage. Then you can read them anytime. No matter you are on the train, on the bus or on an airplane.

Step 1. Sign up for a free account at Instapaper. You only need an email and password to register.

Step 2. Click and drag the “Read Later” icon over to your web browser task bar. You just hit that “Read Later” button to save the page you want to read later.

Step 3. Download the “Instapaper” from iTunes or directly from the iPhone 5. You can download a free one. But if you want to save a large number of web pages, you can buy one.

Step 4. Launch the app and press “Log in to” button.

Step 5. When you find a wonderful page and you want to read later, you can click on the “Read Later” icon on your task bar. Instapaper will save the web page for you.

Step 6. That’s ok. Now whenever you launch the Instapaper app from your iPhone 5, you can hit the “Refresh” icon you will get your latest saved web pages.

Tips: You can also use a HTML to ePub Converter for Mac to convert web pages to ePub format files to read on your iPhone 5.

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