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How to Install Appsync on Cydia for iPhone 4S?

If you have once tried to get your iPhone 4S out of the enclosed environment for only available to purchase apps from iTunes, then you may meet the errors when getting cracked apps for a jailbreak iPhone. In the previous article, we have mentioned that backup is really important for achieving untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1on Mac with Absinthe.

Actually, Cydia is equally important to the backup for a successful iPhone jailbreak since errors always come when you want to download and install cracked apps on your iPhone 4S after jailbreak if you didn't install AppSync on Cydia successfully. So here we come with the detail solution to show you how to install and enable Appsync with Cydia for your iPhone 4S for a better experience of downloading and enjoying more crack apps.

Solution of How to Enable Appsync with Cydia for iPhone 4S after Jailbreak

install appsync patch for cydia on iphone 4sFirst: The first thing you have to do is to enter the Cydia procedures to select "User", and click on the upper right "Complete" option for the first use after the exact jailbreak process.

Secondly: Select the "Manage" menu at the bottom of the the interface, and then select "Sources" menu. Into the management options, click on the Edit button in the upper right corner. Then go to the upper left corner to click the "Add".

Thirdly: Type in "" in the pop up small dialog, and then click "Add" button and wait for the loading. After verifying the address, there will appear the "Software source warning", just select the "Still Add". Then it will begin to download the source files and list. It may prompt an error during the process, just ignore it. (Tip: It is best not to let the screen to black out until the process is finished.)

Fourthly: Once completed the loading process, just hit on the "Return to Cydia" button to turn back to the previous page. And then you will see source has been added successfully. Rightly click in.

By the way, if you do not see the above list, it means that some files are not downloaded. To solve this problem, you only need to back to the source loading page to refresh the source list. Please be patient to brush a few times. If the times of refresh didn't work, then you'd better remove the just added source and re-add it. Since sometimes this may be caused by network problems or too many people are using it.

Once the iPhone restart again, it indicates that you have successfully added AppSync 5.0+. So far, the whole process of how to install patch for Cydia on iPhone 4S has finally come to an end absolutely. What's more, if you once return to the page which not displayed properly, please manually restart the device and you will find it rightly returns to normal. Thus you can install the crack software, games and more applications you downloaded from the Internet.

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