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How to Solve/Fix iMessage Not Delivered Problem for iPhone?

Have you ever met types of problems once you use iPhone to send and receive iMessage message? For example, the messages can not be sent out, you sent it out but the receiver not get it, or rightly receive it over a long time, etc. If you once have encountered a similar problem list above, don't doubt your own moral quality, this is a common problem that has plagued a large number of iPhone users all over the world.

A columnist of New York Times named Brian also encountered the same problem that his iPhone cannot deliver messages smoothly. Well, the final solution unexpectedly turned out to be that uninstall the Messages app on the Mac. That is to say, if your iPhone often send and receive messages unsuccessfully, and you rightly have an Mac with the free Messages Beta installed and landed on it, then you should first remove the Mac application and then test if symptoms relieved or not. Now, just let's go ahead to see how to uninstall the Mac Messages Beta to fix iPhone iMessage bug!

The Method for Messages Beta Uninstallation on Mac

First of all, open the Beta version of Mac Messages. Hit the uninstall option from the Messages to start removing it from your Mac computer.

click unintall messages beta from messages drop-down menu

Secondly, once you see a dialog box as below pop-up, you can then click the "Install" option to confirm it.

access to reinstall ichat and remove message beta on mac

Ok, once you complete the above process, you can then switch to your iPhone to check if the iMessage can deliver messages normally. Although most iPhone users have been plagued by the iMessage bug, Apple has not acknowledged the existence of this problem so far. Brian also said that it strange that a problem in the app of Mac platform can affect other platform (iPhone end of the iMessage), especially this Mac apps is just a beta version yet. We believe that Apple also has awareness of this problem, hope this bug can be resolved in the future official version.

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