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iPhone 5 NFC Technology

According to recent reports, The technology blog Patently Apple which focus exclusively on the Apple patent recently disclosed that Apple will build NFC chip in the sixth generation iPhone (let us call it the iPhone 5). Allegedly, in addition to the support of the payment and collection functions from the client to the merchant, Apple will also use this chip in sending and receiving gifts between iPhone users. If you are interested in this new feature, just go ahead to learn the details of this new iPhone 5 NFC technology now!

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Apple NFC Patent Could Debut on iPhone 5 for iTunes Gifting

At present, although it has become very common a thing to download and store digital media content from the network service provider, it is still not easy to transfer digital file between users by the constraints of copyright law. Part of the digital content distributors have a very good system to limit use of their products as well as the transmission behavior from the purchaser to other users. Therefore, we often find that the copyright-protected digital files transmitted from one device to another cannot play or cannot access.

Apple has always believed that it can find a solution to solve this problem. That's the origin of the gift-giving platform on which users can send and receive the media files purchased from iTunes between multiple Apple iDevices via the standard mode. While this process is the so-called "Gifting".

apple nfc patent with iphone 5

One of the gifting approach needs the sender first to show the present paid proof on his own iTunes account. And then this proof will be transferred to the recipient's device via the NFC chip. After that, the receiver needs to confirm this information through the same NFC access technology. In the access process, the recipient's account information accessed to the iTunes will meet the initial media file to achieve effective docking. In this way, the actual ownership of the original file is not in dispute. Of course, if the gift sender's payment account cannot pay for any reason, the recipient can choose to own pay for the gifted media files.

If there is a rather far distance between the gift sender and the recipient, then, the sender can first submit an official application to the iTunes. And then, iTunes will process the application and deduct gift expenses from the account of the application initiator. After that, Apple will specifically create a gift file with different protection measures for the gift recipient. So, this file has the right to be replayed on the recipient's device without fear of violating copyright law.

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