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Things to Do before Updating iDvices to iOS 6

what you should know about/do for ios 6 upgradeSince iOS 6 has been introduced in this WWDC, some of iDevices holders can't wait to experience this new iOS system. However, there are things we need to know and do before upgrading the iOS 5 to the new iOS 6. If you are attracted by the introduced brilliant features and once have the intent to upgrade your Apple handheld devices to the iOS 6, then don't hesitate to go through this article to see what you should know about iOS 6 and what to do before updating to it now!

Some Questions You Need to Know before iOS 6 Upgrade

1. Can we upgrade to iOS 6 operating system right now?

iOS 6 is rightly in the testing phase now. Ordinary users as we can't download to upgrade. Only the application developers can use iOS 6 SDK to develop and submit software. So, ordinary users except developers now are unable to download and upgrade iOS 6 for daily using.

2. How about iOS 6 stability? Is it able to use the new iOS 6 features mentioned in the WWDC?

As the iOS 6 is rightly in the early testing period that it can only be close to the official version after the changes of several large versions. The function of the iOS 6 beta would be consistent with the conference mentioned undoubtedly. But it does not guarantee that all functions can can be used in the beta version.

3. If it can be achieved by regular users to upgrade to iOS 6?

Yes. But you have to add the your iDevices to the iOS Dev Center. In later articles, we will describe how to install iOS 6 beta on your iDevices.

Things to Do before Updating iDvices to iOS 6

1. Make a backup of your iOS device.

backup befor updating idevices to ios 6Here you just need connect your iOS device to a computer with the data cable. Once you have successfully linked your iPhone, you can then right-click on the your device from the Device library to choose to start the backup.

Tip: In the iOS 5.X, Apple provides us with a system backup function. It is always automatically turned on by default after the upgrade. Once your iOS device does not open the settings for this function, you can manually go to "Settings - iCloud - Storage and Backup" to switch on iCloud backup.

2. Back up the SHSH of your iOS device.

The reason for this operation is just to facilitate the subsequent equipment degrade. If you once encounter many problems in the initial using of iOS 6 and these problems have affected your normal use of your iOS device, then you can use the SHSH backup to downgrade the device.

3. Download the firmware.

* The official iOS 6 Download:

To download iOS from this site, you will need a developer account. But this can ensure the latest iOS 6 system for you.

* Third-party iOS 6 download address:

To get iOS 6 beta from this address, you will not require developers account.

Ok, all things need to kown/do before upadting iDevices to iOS 6 have been listed in the above article. Now you are free to install iOS 6 beta on your iDevices now!