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Give Mom an iPad as Mothers Day Gift

The annual Mother's Day (May 13th) is just around the corner. Filial sons and daughters are sure to send a gift to the beloved mother. So, what kind of gift mothers really like? If you are still considering which gift would be well-content to your mom, then the coming up recently released results of a survey would be a good reference object for you. According to the survey, if selected in the flowers and the iPad, 91% of the mother will choose iPad and only 9% of the mother will choose flowers. Here are the details about this survey on the most wanted gift for Mother's Day.

The Most Wanted Mother's Day Gift Survey Results

To help the sons and daughters choose the well-content gifts for Mother's Day, TechBargains conducted a survey to look at mothers want to receive what kind of gift on the special day. The results are obvious that the carnation is already a thing of the past, and now the iPad is a great alternative!

moms want ipads over flowers as mothers day gift

In addition, the survey also revealed some interesting details, such as if choose among the technological equipment, flowers, food, and no gift, 31% of mothers will choose the technology equipment, 13% for flowers, 16% for food, and 16% would choose nothing. From the above result, we can know that for the moms are tech savvy would prefer to get a tech gift for Mothers Day rather than any other kinds of presents.

Besides, if the options are narrowed to only choose technology equipment, then, 51% mother will choose the Tablet PC, 16% for MP3 player, 14% for notebook, and the other 9% of mothers will choose electricity paper book reader. And among the crowd in the hope of getting the tablet as a gift, 58% expressed the hope of an iPad, while 18% said they want the Kindle Fire. Thus it can be seen that the iPad and other Tablet PC products have become the most wanted technology gifts of our mothers.

Ok, that's all about the survey on the most wanted gift for Mother's Day. Have you decided what to give your mom on that great day? If you once think the digital products cannot express your gratitude enough, you can then make a happy Mothers Day slideshow on Mac with your mom's photos and some occasional songs or your own recorded words to surprise her. Or you can also design a Mothers Day card on Mac to express your great gratitude by writing down what you want to say in your own hand-made card.