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How to Turn iPad into PC for Daily Work?

Although the iOS graphical is excellent, many people certainly still have numerous reasons to miss Windows when using an iPad or iPhone. Of course, most time people miss it because of the Office suite. In fact, Microsoft's general format has already become a reason that we have to use the Office suite to work. Then, what is the most economical solution when more and more people want to achieve this function with a thin iPad. Why not follow us to see what we can use on an iPad to handle official business work.

The Most Economical Solutions to Use iPad as PC?

As we have said to turn iPad into PC for work in the cheapest way, we certainly will consider the iWorks, Documents to go, Writing Kit, as well as other costly things. Although the experience of such kinds of professional packages is really very good, save and apply first for use. But the hardware experience cannot be changed. This means what you need most here may be a Bluetooth keyboard. Well, once you have already had one, then just let us start from the simplest to use iPad to handle official business now!

First, let's start from the text collection.

It goes without saying that Evernote and Dropbox must have been two necessary tools for most iPad users. One is used to gather inspiration and simple text records and graffiti with very simple synchronization function and management. The other one which is a very worthy choice for its stable service is mainly used to store photos, other material and the necessary documents.

free evernote to make ipad work as a computerIn addition to collecting text notes, organize the to-do task list and other such kinds of commonly used functions, the Evernote browser correlation can also be used well in office linkage. For example, we can use its browser plug-ins to gather the wonderful content you see from the web page directly to Evernote, or take the entire article down to read it later. Except for the 60MB space which is not enough for large demand, this free app would be the best choice for a simple text collection.

free tool to use ipad as pcDropbox is also an essential application to store documents besides used in the office. It features in cross-platform, stable service, good speed, and many stable operational documents. Perhaps you can also have a research to store your chat records, IE favorites and many other such contents to Dropbox.

Secondly, let's go ahead to edit a document for a try now!

make an ipad work as a mac free app cloudonMaybe the demand similar to the text collection is too low. For those ones who are not accustomed to using the software, this operation can also be achieved by making a "Memorandum" on iPad. So just let us come in contact with a more practical and useful tips of that how to view and edit Office documents on an iPad without expensive Office suite. In addition to using Microsoft Office Web Apps, perhaps you can also choose CloudOn with which you can choose to create the three most common documents in the Office suite, edit and associate to the Dropbox account to save your changes.

This free app can rename, delete, and manage the files within the Dropbox. With it, you can keep track of the update records when reading Word files, use the Pivot Table and insert the formula of the calculus in Excel, view and edit the animation or transition effects in a PowerPoint presentation, open the file directly from the iPad Email account or Dropbox, save the file instantly and automatically, etc. So you can just take this free app to be an emergency in the absence of iPad version of Microsoft Office since it is quite in line with the need to edit a document on iPad.

Thirdly, it time to talk about the more reliable presentation.

how to turn ipad into pc free app slidesharkPut aside the complex operation of editing documents, presentations may have a more perfect scheme, that is SlideShark. To achieve this on an iPad without installing any PPT editing software, the specific train of thought is that first upload PPT to SlideShark network space it provided for you, and then use the same account in any iPad to download and demonstrate the PPT. It also supports dynamic effects.

First you only need to register a user in the official website of SlideShark. The free class of users will default to get100M space to store the PPT file. So once your files are coming with more text than pics, then this would be enough. Just open the client on your iPad and login to your account. Then, SlideShark will automatically refresh the list of currently stored PPT. Choose your needed one, download, browse, and presentation can be that simple.

Besides the download speed is not fast caused by network problems, the practical demonstration effect of this app is still very awesome since it fully supports for various animations of the elements of the PPT files. So it can be used to daily office presentation undoubtedly.

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