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How to Send Photos to iCloud Photo Stream?

Just as it was described on Apple's official site, the Photo Stream feature of iCloud enables automatically to upload the most recently 1000 photos taken by an Photo Stream enabled iOS device or the ones saved in the iDevice's Camera Roll for the seamlessly synchronization between any devices with iCloud enabled. The premise for all these automatic operations is that you have turned on the Photo Stream when you set up iCloud.

Of course, if you prefer to choose and add some pictures to Photo Stream from your iPhoto library, you can just do it manually. The following steps will give you an entire presenting for the whole manual process of how to send photos to iCould. Just have a shot by yourself now!

Easy Solutions to Transfer Photos from iPhoto to Photo Stream Manually

Step 1: Turn off Automatic Uploading to Your Photo Stream

In order to select and send existing photos to Photo Stream from iPhoto manually, the first thing we should do is to choose "iPhoto > Preferences", and then click Photo Stream to deselect the Automatic Upload checkbox.

deselect automatic upload to send photos to icloud manually

Tip: Whether the automatic uploading is on or off, you are able to add photos manually from your iPhoto library to your Photo Stream. If you once only want to send your most preferred ones to iCloud, you can turn off the automatic uploading. In addition, the photos in your device's Camera Roll are not supported to add into Photo Stream manually under both conditions.

Step 2: Add Pictures to iCloud Photo Stream Manually

You can do any operation listed below to add/send photos to your Photo Stream.

Option 1: Open iPhoto, drag one or more photos from Events, Photos, Places, or Faces view to Photo Stream in the Source list on the left.

transfer photos from iphoto to photo stream

Option 2: Select one or more photos you want to add to iCloud, and then click the Share button in the toolbar to choose Photo Stream from the pop-up menu.

Either using the first or second solution, your selected photos will be uploaded to your Photo Stream and can be viewed on all the devices in Photo Stream.

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