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Free Way to Remote Control Mac from iPad

iPad's clear and bright screen can run the program in full screen and bring users with great experience to remote control a Mac. As long as you opened a remote access function on your iPad, it is not only equivalent to turn your iPad into a desktop computer monitor, but also keep the heavy home computer close at your hand via the virtual network computer (VNC) technology. In recent years, Apple released Mac system also supports VNC technology for the screen sharing which made the remote control of a Mac from iPad become possible in a more convenient way.

Then, what do we need to use the iPad to remote control a Mac? And how can we get the task? If you once come with such kinds of puzzles, then, just let's go ahead together to see how to remote access Mac from an Apple iPad now!

Detail Solution of How to Use iPad to Remote Control a Mac

1. Turn on Screen Sharing on the Mac.

Go to your System Preferences and click Sharing. Then go to the pop-up "Sharing" window to tick and turn on the Screen Sharing and Remote Login options in the lower left portion. After that, you can go to the right portion beside to choose the user that you prefer to give access to the Remote Desktop.

how to use ipad to remote control a mac

2. Setup a password for the VNC connection on Mac.

After turn on the corresponding service in the left sharing window, you should then click on the "Computer Settings" option icon from the right portion of the sharing dialog box to enable a user account for logging in and assign a security password. And please remember noting the IP address you see in the sharing window.

detail steps to remote access mac from ipad

3. Configure Screens on your iPad

Open Screens on your iPad. Once your iPad and Mac are under the same network condition, you can simply tap on Nearby Computers to find your Mac. And then just enter the correct password you've setup into the pop-up prompt. If your iPad didn't detect the Mac for you automatically, you may need to manually type in the IP address you've taken down in the above processes so as to connect your iPad for remote control your Mac.

get prepared to remote control mac from ipad

Ok, you are free to remote control your Mac with iPad now! By the way, if you are failed to connect your iPad to the server your Mac connected, then it may be due to port forwarding. Just turn to the screen detail dialog box to check whether the port forwarding setting is going with 5900 (which is a particular port that Remote Desktop uses), if not, just request for this port.

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