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How to Improve The new iPad Battery Life?

The issue that how to enhance the new iPad's battery life has always been a top concern among most iPad 3 users. The incompetence of battery life seems to be a common problem of all iOS devices. Then, how to make the battery of the new iPad to service for a longer time on each full charge? Don't worry, you can let your new iPad's battery life improved significantly via some adjustments. And I am right here to bring 7 different methods to help you enhance the battery life of the new iPad 3. Then, why don't let start the new iPad's power saving right now!

Different Methods to to Improve New iPad Battery Life

how to increase new ipad battery life1. Obviously, reducing the screen brightness would be the most simple and effective method to save power for new iPad 3. We can just get this adjustment in "Settings-> Brightness & Wallpaper". Besides, we can also double-click the multi-task bar and brush to the right panel to complete this task by adjusting the left brightness module.

2. The second biggest problem is the 4G LTE. (If your new iPad doesn't support 4G, then you can just skip this point.) Here we can go to "Settings > General > Network to turn off the 4G function. Of course, you can also turn 3G in this way.

3. The third adjustment to save your new iPad power would be making your iPad 3 automatically open the screen lock within the specified time. This can let your iPad turn into a sleep state. This adjustment can be achieved from "Settings > General > Auto-Lock". A limited time lock would save more power for your iPad than not lock forever.

4. Even your iPad is in the sleep mode, it still works on a lot of things in the background. One of these things is that it will check the notifications from Twitter, Facebook and other similar apps. This will also cause the consumption of your iPad battery. So once you have no interest in some apps, you can just disable notification from "Settings>Notifications".

5. The location service is also one of the reasons that cause the power consumption, especially when using 4G LTE. So the fifth adjustment you can do is to disable it from "Settings > Locations Services".

6. The sixth method for you to save your new iPad power is to disable the mail push function. You can just shut down it in "Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and toggle Push". Once you have multiple accounts, but do not want to check over whether there is new mail for each, the former set will provide you with the inspection time and specific accounts in the Advanced.

7. The last method I'd like to share you is that just charge your iPad for a while more even it is fully powered. Once finish charging, the new iPad will display as 100% charged, but it is not full actually. After a non-rigorous testing, there is a 5%– 7% gap between the display and the actual full charged. Just let your iPad have a full power and then discharge, this is also a maintenance method for lithium battery.

After go through this article, you must have known how to enhance/improve the new iPad battery life. Of course, the methods here are going to improve and reduce battery consumption from hardware settings. However, if you try, you will find that these 7 solutions are very useful.

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