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How to Get Deleted Apps Back on Your iPad?

You can download or purchase an App from iTunes app store or other available places. A great app can make your iPad work well and provide a convenient operation while you are using it. There are always some accidents will happen, an installed app disappear or deleted by accident. Even because your child the misoperation to delete it.

No matter what the reasons are, you can get back an app that you have deleted from iPad. How to perform this? The following paragraphs will share two free methods to achieve this.

Restore/Retrieve Deleted Apps on Your iPad

Method 1: Use the Purchased Tab in the iPad App Store

First: Tab and open App Store app on your iPad. On the bottom nav bar tab "Purchased" option like below.

Second: On the top of this screen tab "Not On This iPad" option. That will provide you with a complete listing of all apps that you have purchased (including free apps) that are not currently installed on the iPad.

restore deleted apps on your ipad from purchased tab

Third: A download symbol will appear, tab it to restore the deleted App from your iPad. You'll be asked to enter your App Store password.

That's it, if you don't like this method, you can also keep reading the following method.

Method 2: Sync with iTunes Again

If you maintain your iPad synced regularly with a PC, you could just sync the app back to the iPad through iTunes. To achieve this you need to:

First: Launch iTunes and connect your iPad to PC. On iTunes left library, click "iPad" under "DEVICES" category.

Second: On iTunes main window, click "Apps" tab listed on the top option. Now you will see "Sync Apps" option like the following illustration. Check and select the app you have deleted and want to recover through the listing of apps. In order to facilitate the choice, you can use the drop-down option to sort by name, kind, date, or size.

find and get deleted apps on ipad through itunes app tab

Third: Simply select the checkbox near the name of the app you intend to reinstall. In iOS 5 you can sync via WiFi as well as when linked to a PC and iTunes on the desktop.

That's it. With either of these methods you may invariably get deleted apps reinstalled on your iPad. I really hope this quick tip is useful for a few of you.

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