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How to Delete iPhone/iPad Backup in iTunes?

People once used iTunes all knew that whether using iTunes to sync an iPhone or iPad, it always needs to back up before the synchronization. While this is really a time-consuming and space-taking process for most people. Thanks to the iCloud service came out later, there has been some improvements on this situation. However, iCloud cannot back up all kinds of files that saved in an iPad/iPhone for its limitations on available services.

So, once you choose not to use the the iCloud for a complete backup, then that means a large portion of the space on your computer's hard disk will be occupied by the duplicate files. If you once have the plan to transfer the possession of your iOS devices, then, these old and large-sized backups will be real space-taking. In such case, you can rightly remove/delete the backup files you will no longer use from the iTunes to free up disk space. Well, this article of how to delete iPad/iPhone backup in iTunes is rightly here to describe the easy solution for you in details.

Feel Free to Delete iPad/iPhone Backup Files within iTunes

First: Start iTunes and open the preferences window. Move your cursor over the "Devices" option among the above selective tabs and then click it to get the backup list of your device.

how to remove itunes backup of an ipad

Secondly: Just go to the "Device backups" section in the middle of above window to highlight highlight the backup files you will not need any more. Then you only need hit the "Delete Backup..." option located lower of backup list to remove your selected files.

Thirdly: After deleting the useless backup files, you can then click "OK" to confirm all above operations.

In such easy steps, you can clear away the backup files from your computer but without affecting the iCloud backup, which is existing independently. Of course, the iCloud backup will not appear in this list. By the way, there is no need to get all the backups removed, you can retain some selectively in case of recovery needs in the future. Moreover, it is also recommended only to delete the old backup data when there is another backup. You can manually use the iCloud for a backup in an iOS device so that you can use iCloud as emergency relief once the local storage is broken.

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