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Free HD/Retina Wallpapers for The new iPad

Once you have your new iPad with the same background image for a long time, would you feel the aesthetic fatigue? For the ones who less change the wallpaper of an iPad, it is unquestionably that most people may get tired of the humdrum screen image. No matter how beautiful or unique a wallpaper is, one still feels aesthetic weariness if rarely change it. If you once get over-saturation with your new iPad's background, then why not get go through this page to learn where to find numerous free and fancy HD/retina wallpapers for the new iPad now!

Where to Get Unique and Free Backgrounds Wallpapers for iPad 3(The new iPad)?

1. Get from iTunes App Store.

The most convenient and quickest way to get kinds of free backgrounds for new iPad would be that directly search and get from the iTunes Store. As a well-know official server-side, iTunes provides all iDevice owners with the most comprehensive services for getting all kinds of files and apps both free of charge or need to pay. Of course, the free apps which enables users to download a large amount of HD/retina wallpapers for the new iPad are also available to be found there.

Here is a list of the free apps on iTunes which can help you get and change your new iPad's wallpaper freely with countless beautiful images. Just go ahead to check if these apps can meet your needs now! (Note: Some of them are coming in big size and the last two apps are also able to provide background images for iPod touch and iPhone as well.)

App's Name Size Producer
HD Wallpapers for iPad 306 MB Seth Schnelle
Backgrounds Wallpapers for iPad 3.4 MB Escargot Studios, LLC
100,000+ Wallpapers HD Free for iPad 1.5 MB TianYi
800 MotorCycle HD&Retina Wallpapers 149 MB Desk City
Cool Wallpapers HD & Retina Free 6.2 MB Kappboom Inc.
Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad 17.8 MB StuckPixel, Inc.

2. Get free Retina Wallpapers for The new iPad from

This is a site which is mainly focused on collecting and sharing a great deal of gorgeous wallpapers that are suitable for new iPad 3. Many of these free downloadable wallpapers are the works at the hands of the best designers around the world. Since the high resolution material market is very appreciable with the release of the new iPad, this site just created such a platform which allows designers to demonstrate the excellent works of the combination of high technology and exquisite workmanship.

free retina wallpapers for the new ipad from 2048px

Since these wallpapers are specially created for new iPad by those renowned designers that once you hit on anyone from the showcase, you may find each one has a name and brief explanation appropriate to it in the downloading page. So, once you want to get some exquisite or artistic images as the background of your new iPad (or you may prefer to mention it as iPad 3), then, you should not miss this great site.

Ok, once you tried above two ways, you may find lots of beautiful HD/retina wallpapers for the new iPad. And then you will not feel tired of your iPad background anymore as long as you remember changing it regularly.

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