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How to Create and Manage Photo Albums on iPad?

The iPad is a wonderful device for viewing photographs. The screen is bright and realistic; the touch gestures make looking through photographs quite simple, but a frustrated thing that the iOS software has the lack of organization of photos. And the iPhoto for iPad, iPhone can not allow users to directly add or delete photo albums, so managing some different photo albums on iPad sounds a little difficult. So if you want to create photo albums or move pictures between albums on iPad, you need to return to iPhoto on Mac.

To create and manage your Photo albums for iPad, the first is to Transfer Photos from iPad to Mac. Then rearrange them into a different album via iPhoto.

Steps on Creating and Managing Photo Albums for iPad

Step 1: Link your iPad to Mac. Make sure you have installed iPhoto App on your Mac. Launch iPhoto and find your iPad under "DEVICES" category. Press "iPad" and all photos from iPad's Camera Roll will be shown on the right window.

Step 2: On iPhoto left library, head to "ALBUMS" section. Click and highlight Albums and right click to choose the right option you need. You can create and name your albums like the image below.

It's simple to drap photos from the Import windows into the suitable albums one-by-one. You can also easily Upload Photos from iPhoto to Facebook for sharing with your friends.

iphoto is a photo album creator manager for ipad

Now you have done the work of creating and managing photo albums for your iPad, but how to sync these iPhoto albums to your iPad? The following steps will show all operations.

Transfer these iPhoto Albums to iPad

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Mac and ensure that your iPad has not been ejected from the Mac.

Step 2: Highlight your iPad from "DEVICES" option. Then navigate to "Photos" item listed on the top of iTunes screen. Hit and activate Photo option and you will see all available choices on the primary window. Choose "iPhoto" from "Sync Photos from" pull down menu. The following image tells you the correct operation, please keep in mind you need to select the right photo album's name you have created above.

sync the created photo albums on ipad

Step 3: After completing all options, simply click "Apply" -> "Sync" to get them synced into iPad.

That's OK! Disconnect your iPad from Mac, turn on your iPad and tab "Photo" app to access "Albums" to view the new albums including my favorite photos and my old photos. With this method, you can effortlessly create and manage your photos albums on iPad. By the way, if you want to remove some unwanted photos from iPad, please refer to How to Delete Photos from iPad.

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