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Best Free Note Taking App for iPad

iPad is a great tool to make notes to capture thoughts or ideas instantly. Many people use the iPad built-in Notes app to make notes on iPad. But many notes taking apps can help you take notes more easily and conveniently. Here we list some best and free note taking apps for iPad.

Make Qucik Notes with Top Free iPad Note Apps

1. Catch Notes - by, Inc.

Catch Notes is a simple and free note taking app designed to capture your idea and thoughts immediately. With it, you will not miss any wonderful idea you have. You can create voice, photo, and text notes, online and offline.

2. PaperPort Notes - by Nuance Communications

PaperPort Notes is a free digital note taking tool for the iPad. It changes the way that people create and share information. Now you can combine documents, web content, audio, typed text and hand written notes into a single document that you can easily organize and share with anyone. It allows you to insert PDF, PPT and Image files into your notes. It's very powerful.

3. Simplenote - by Codality

Simplenote supplies an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas, and more. You can find many necessary note-taking features in this app. You can make full text search, organize notes using tags, export your notes via email and more.

4. Evernote - by Evernote

This free note taking app enables you easily take notes and share and access them from almost every device you have. Besides simple text notes, you can take photos, add voice notes, draw sketches, create your own study materials, and create to-do lists. You can choose premium option to get bigger uploads, offline storage, and more features. But it's enough to make basic note taking for free.

5. Bamboo Paper - Notebook By Wacom

With this free iPad app, you can sketch your thoughts on a neat digital paper notebook. It enables you to create virtual notebooks for your iPad, share your ideas visually with handwritten notes, sketches or doodles. The free version includes one Notebook.

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