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Best Free Apps for iPad Reviews

Whether you are travelling, staying at home, or going out for a party, iPad is certainly a necessary gadget for your daily life and travel. Besides the built-in functions and self-contained features, there are countless apps now can be used to make this great gadget more practical. Here we will recommend all iPad users with some best free apps, including the funny games, informative apps, and some other helpful apps. These most useful iPad apps will let your iPad display its biggest functions. Just go ahead to check if you own these iPad must-have applications now.

Top Free Apps for iPad Using in Daily Life

1. AppShopper

This is an iPad application browsing tool. This free app enables you to pay close attention to the application of time-limited free, discount and release. With it, you are able to view the historical price changes and update log more conveniently according to popularity and updated.

one of the must have apps for ipad free appshopper

2. Dropbox

This is the simplest network file synchronization and sharing tool you should not miss using on your iPad. Once you are away from home, you can still access to Office files, videos and pictures via this free app from your iPad. Besides, you are also allowed to export these kinds of files to other iPad applications or your other terminal devices for specific use.

top ipad app free dropbox

3. iBooks

One of the most important uses of an iPad would be a working as an e-book reader. As an official reading app for iPad, this small free tool has been upgraded a few days ago. It now supports the label synchronization and background color changing. The brown background looks more comfortable than a white background. Even it is still lagging behind Stanza from its functionality, its interface is really more and more beautiful and attractive.

one of the most useful ipad apps - ibook

4. Google Earth

This is a famous mapping tool which provides a multi-layer supported and powerful virtual three-dimensional globe software. It supports the traditional maps and satellite maps, etc. Besides, two fingers to be able to operate this free app, which will bring you a straightforward browsing experience.

best free mapping app for ipad - google earth

5. Pocket

This free app is formerly known-well as Read It Later. It brings you the great convenience to save an article or a website to read it when you have enough time. You just need save the article or site to this app, you can then read it at anytime and anywhere you are free. It can prevent you from adding some messy links to the Favorites and Inbox when you just want to read an article. So, it is a good bookmark management tool you should not miss.

free app for ipad

Here we only reviewed some of the best free apps for iPad. Besides the above detailed reviewed ones, there are many other useful apps which are also great to improve your iPad experience. If you want to check more, then you may just check the following chart to select your most preferred ones.

List of More Useful Apps for iPad

Best Free Home & Office for iPad
1. Stanza 2. Kindle 3. Evernote
4. WordPress 5. FeeddlerRSS 6. Comics
7. Notetable    
Best iPad Photo Editing Apps
1. Adobe Photoshop Express 2. Photogene 3. Photo fx
Free Informative/Media and Other Apps for iPad
1. BBC News 2. Wikipanion for iPad 3. Reuters News Pro for iPad
4. Movies by Flixster 5. Bloomberg for iPad 6. Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine
7. Air Video Free 8. Virtuoso Piano  
Free Games for iPad
1. Fruit Ninja HD Lite 2. Angry Birds HD Free 3. Aurora Feint 3
4. Pool Break Lite 5. Checkers Free HD 6. Wordfeud
7. NinJump HD 8. Labyrinth 2 HD Lite  

The above is the main free iPad apps you should not miss. Even they are free, the features of them should not be underestimated. The interface and functionality of these free apps are not weaker than those paid ones. We believe that there will be more and more free and useful apps for iPad with its gradual popularization of the public.

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