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Best Apps for The new iPad

The untethered jailbreak of the new iPad has already been released for a period of time. Then, have you ever enjoyed such a jailbreak on your new iPad? If yes, have you found some suitable Cydia tweaks for your own use? If you are still confused which apps are applied to your jailbroken new iPad, then you can have a look at the following recommendations which was made by iDownloadblog after a long time test and evaluation.

You can also refer to this reference to see if they are the best love in your heart. Also need to add is that the following list is specially designed to consider for the new iPad, which means that some of the Cydia tweaks may not be able to perform well in other iOS devices. No more hesitation, just let's go ahead to check these so-called best apps for the new iPad now!

Must-Have Top Jailbreak Tweaks for The new iPad

1. Blutrol

If you are not hooked on games or don't have the iCade, then you can just skip over this one. This plugin is specially created for iCade users. For those games that don't support the iCade equipment, this Cydia tweak can map the iCade joysticks into these games for your better entertainments. So, once you own an iCade, then you'd better not miss it. It just sells for $9.99 in Cydia.

best app for icade

2. PasswordPilot Pro

If you like to try the new apps, perhaps the most troublesome thing for you is that you have to enter the Apple ID and password each time when you update or download the apps in the App Store. But with this plugin installed, you can rightly solve this problem with leisure. The Pro version is also compatible with Find My Friends besides the App Store, the iTunes Store, iBooks and IAP. What's more, it also supports multiple accounts. It sells for only $1.99 in Cydia.

the new ipad must-have app

3. Springtomize 2

This plugin has many subtle settings which allow users to customize all aspects of the jailbroken iOS. It can do so much that it is absolutely a necessary plug-in you should have after the new iPad jailbreak. This so-called the ultimate iOS custom tool is priced at $ 2.99 in Cydia.

a necessary plugin for the new ipad

4. iFile

With the famous iFile, you have no need to envy the Finder Explorer owned by OS X users. This tool allows you to manage the files within the native file structured of the device. It is very powerful in functions for the support of file renaming, compression, decompression, install, copy, paste, etc. Besides, the $ 3.99 priced iFile also acquired enhanced interface for iPad.

new tweak for new ipad

5. Quasar

This plugin enables to realize multiple windows on iPad, which brings users a feeling of using a computer. Although the practicality of this app is still under dispute, it still keeps updating to improve the user experience. Recently, it also newly added the support of the new the iPad Retina screen. In general, it is still worth trying even it is less recommended if compare to the several plug-ins mentioned in above.

a good app for jailbroken new ipad

6. SwipeSelection

This is a very popular iPad virtual keyboard plugin that allows users to easily move in the iPad virtual keyboard so as to control the cursor of the text input. iPad has always been great in the written text, but the experience of editing the text was not as good. While, this plugin is just here to put an end to this situation. If you often need to process text on the iPad, then you should not miss using this plug-in. You can just free download it in Cydia.

an excellent cydia tweak for the new ipad

7. Dashboard X

Although still in its early stages, this new tweak is very promising, especially in the big screen of the iPad. Previously, it had been referred as the essential plugin before long when it was available on Cydia. Of course, it has its reasons. This jailbreak tweak can display part of the widgets of the Notification Center to the center of the home screen, such as Weather, Switches, etc. This brings a host of convenience for the user. This plug-in is priced at $ 1.99 in Cydia.

top jailbreak tweak for the new ipad

8. MountainLionCenter

This tweak can make the the iOS Notification Center's work style move closer to the style of the one in OS X so as to enable more friendly user experience. It can support both portrait and landscape mode. As well as Mac users open the Notification Center on Mac, users can bring out the interface of iOS Notification Center by two fingers slipping from the right side of the screen to the left.

a must-have app for new ipad

Well, the introduction of best apps/tweaks for the new iPad just finished here. In fact, everyone has their own ideas on this topic. Hope you will agree with these recommendations.

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