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Convert TXT Files to EPUB on Mac

If you are a writer and have just wrote your novel in txt format, what will you do next if you want to publish this eBook? Or even if you are an e-book fan that has huge collections associated with eBooks in txt format, what should you perform if you wish to read them in your new apple iPad? Reading EPUB eBooks on mobile e-Readers is actually pleasant as text show can be enhanced for the specific display gadget. After that how to create EPUB books from TXT on Mac.

You should use EPUB Convert for Mac. Besides converting eBooks from TXT to EPUB for Mac, additionally, it may convert images, PDF, Word, CHM, EPUB, HTML to EPUB. Now simply follow the few steps beneath to convert TXT Files to EPUB on Mac now.

How to Convert Text to EPUB on Mac?

Step 1: Import Text Files

Click "Add File" button to load the text files that you want to convert to EPUB books. Or you can directly drag and drop your text files to this text to EPUB for Mac Software.

add text to create epub books from txt on mac

Step 2: Customize settings

Next to "Output Folder" press "Browse" or "Open" button to choose another location to save the converted text files as you like. You can also select the text file and right click your mouse to start the settings.

Step 3: Convert PDF to Text on Mac

Click the "Convert" button and wait for a while, you can get your own EPUB eBook as you like. Creating eBooks is simple with a text to EPUB for Mac software. This software can help make your eBooks even more attractive to prospects.

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