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Top eBook Readers for iPad mini

iPad mini comes out as many people expected. It has a 7.9-inch, 1,024 x 768 (163ppi) LED-backlit display. It's smaller and lighter than the third generation iPad, but you can have the whole iPad experience on iPad mini. The iPad mini display is designed to take greater advantage of every pixel. So apps, magazines, and documents fill the screen, from top to bottom and edge to edge. So you can obtain good reading experience with iPad mini. Now we choose some excellent ebook readers for your iPad mini.

Top Free eBook Readers for Reading Books on iPad mini

1. Kindle

The Kindle app for iPad from Amazon publishers is a wonderful and freee-book reader for iPad mini. You can read kindle books and access almost a million books on Kindle Store. You can get further information with its embedded Google and Wikipedia links. You can choose specific background colours and font size as you like when reading either in portrait or landscape format.

2. iBooks

iBooks is Apple's official free e-book reader. It's a great tool to download, manage, read e-books on iPad mini. iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest bestselling books. You can choose the font size and type face that suits your reading style. You can adjust the lighting to read your books in either white or sepia page outlook. Besides, You can find a particular word or phrase with its built-in search function.

free ebook reader for ipad mini

3. Nook

It is an interactive free e-book reader from the stables of Barnes & Noble. This app allows you to access eBooks, global magazines and newspapers. This free iPad e-reader has an in-built Merriam Webster dictionary and an intuitive search engine. Besides, you can make notes and highlights, customize the font size, background and color schemes to suit your needs.

best ebook reader for ipad mini

4. Comics

It's a necessary app for comic book lovers. You can browse and download digital comics from a huge selection, including top titles from Marvel and DC Comics. There are more than 20,000 to choose from, including at least 500 free comics.

top ebook reader for ipad mini

5. Goodreads

Goodreads is also a great choice for ebook lovers. Unlike many eBook readers, Goodreads allows you to critique the work of other published authors. You can search for books you've read by title or author name. You can add specific books into a to-be-read category on your Goodreads profile.

Tips: ePub is the best ebook format for iPad mini. So you can use the Mac ePub Creating Tool to creat ePub format ebooks from other popular formats like PDF, MOBI, HTML, TXT and more. The text display can be optimized for your iPad mini and other devices.

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