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How to Split PDF Files on Mac and Windows?

You may need to separate a large PDF into several parts to use or to organize. No matter for what reason, yo need a useful PDF splitting software to help you easily break your multi-page PDF into several PDF files.

The Mac PDF Splitter is just a flexible and user-friendly PDF splitting tool for you. It can split PDF in three different methods. You can choose to split by per n page(s), defined page range or averagely break one PDF file. Additionally, it works very fast. You can split multiple PDF files one time. You can choose a destination folder to place your output files. You can follow the guide below to easily separate your PDF file with this software in three steps.

Tips: If you are Windows users, you can use the PDF Separater to quickly split PDF files on your computer.

Tutorial to Split PDF Files on Mac

Step 1: Import PDF files you want to separate

Download and install the PDF separator on Mac. Then start it to enter its working interface. Click the "Add File" button to import PDF files you want to break. You will see your PDF files list on the screen. It's available to view your added PDF files in the right player.

input pdf files

Step 2: Choose one split method

Click the blue button before the PDF in the file list to choose one split method you need. It's available to split your PDF files in three ways. Then customize an output folder to save your output files.

select one method to split pdf

Step 3: Begin separating PDF files

After choosing the split method, you can hit the "Start" button. The software will begin to separate PDF files for you. It will show you the splitting progress in the "Status" item.

split pdf into parts

Very simple! You can download this useful software and easily break your PDF files into parts.

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