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How to Transfer/Send Multiple Documents to Kindle?

Jun 06,2012 16:19 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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If you are a windows guy and have collected a lot of files on your computer. Now you want to import them to your Kindle for reading anytime and anywhere. Good news. Amazon announced Send to Kindle for PC, a free app for Windows-based users to send their personal files. So maps, pictures, articles and other useful stuff can be loaded onto your Kindle.

This free app works in two ways. In Windows Explorer, you can just rightclick a file and select send from the menu. And in any application that can print, a new option is added to the print dialog. This can send the document in PDF format. While we can get a variety of free books available that you can download from the Amazon site. Then import these books to Kindle for reading, and we can also Convert Other eBooks to Kindle Fire Format easily.

Easy Steps to Copy/Transfer Multiple Files to Kindle

Step 1: If this is the first time you run Kindle for PC, it prompts you to log on to your Amazon account. Then plug your Kindle into your PC. You can get access to the Kindle as an additional drive. This way you can just drag and drop supported files onto your Kindle.

Step 2: The program integrates with the right click menu so if you have a document to send to your Kindle, you just need to right click and select "Send to Kindle". You can also send multiple document using the same method.

copy multiple documents to kindle

Documents can be placed directly into the root of the document directory or can put into subdirectories. Similarly, audio files can be manually placed into the music directory or audible books into the audible directory.

Tips for Reading documents on Kindle

If you've had PDF files transferred to Kindle for reading, I have to say its probable you've been disappointed. It is definitely a headache to read PDF file on Kindle. If you adjust the PDF to fit on Kindle, the font is too small to read. If you zoom in the PDF, then you have to drag the PDF file back and forth to read. Fortunately, there are several workarounds. You can Convert PDF to Word on Mac for Kindle. The formatting and layout of Microsoft Word are much more friendly than that of PDF document.

If you are not satisfied with the above PDF to Word for Mac, have a try of Free Online PDF to Word for Mac. To enhance your reading experience, it is worth trying.

Or if you have the latest Kindle Fire gadget, it works well for enjoying movies. It is very easy to Convert Videos to Kindle File on Mac for playback on your device on the move.

That's all. You can try the above mentioned steps to make your multimedia life better.

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